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Long Durational Performance
by Márcio Carvalho

Saturday 28.08.2010 - Beginning at 12h at Markthalle
Inside the Performance Festival M5 - Differential
at Turmstraße - Moabit

Creating a map of actions between several public spaces in Turmstraße, the artist will try to behave a quotidian that will be outside of people daily life.

The objective is to change the rhythm of the street in several levels, causing “disturbance” by creating actions outside the context of the street.

Reconstructing the quotidian will create other possibility of life in the street.

Flying with the feet on the ground

by Marisa Benjamim

SATURDAY 14.08 - 20:30

at Hotel25, Wrangelstrasse 25, 10997 Berlin - U1 Görlitzer Bhf

In a close relationship with nature,” Flying with the feet on the ground” arouses a metaphor from the opposition that exists between the concrete and the intimate reverie of the human.

Looking through the poetic, and mixing performance with the construction of objects, the latest work of Benjamim suspends the concept of gravity, here understood not so much as the physical phenomenon, but as an uncontrollable movement of dreams against the real.

Embedded in an intimate environment, dominated by simplicity and beauty, the work reveals the consciousness of reality as an understanding of something that needs to be seen from the inside through several layers of the subjects reality; in short, an attempt to approach an essential point from which the individual is established and operates its own concept of reality.

The artist proposes five moments that covers drawings, performance and video installation.



happening by Lúcia Vicente, Márcio Carvalho, Roberto Afonso and Tiago Margaça

Saturday 24.07 - 20:30 at HOTEL25 - Wrangelstr. 25, 10997 Berlin - U1 Görlitzer Bhf

Neo Saudade is a collective work produced in residence by Lúcia Vicente, Márcio Carvalho, Roberto Afonso and Tiago Margaça in Hotel25.

Saudade is a Portuguese word. It is one of the untranslatable words. Is a feeling of missing, although is very specific, in this case. This word was written for the first time by D.Duarte king of Portugal. The word was born when the Portuguese ships were travelling around the world searching for new cultures. It was the feeling of the ones who stayed and the ones who left, what created the “saudade”.

“Neo saudade” was the form that the artists found to translate the feeling of Saudade, in Berlin. Now it became a different feeling in a different time.

As foreigners in a different country we chose this word to talk about our home country, how we miss it, the food, the family. How we want to erase as well some “saudades”, how we have “saudade” of Berlin when we are in Portugal and how we are affected by all of it.

There will be different happenings during the night, each one related to one of the artists in contrast with all the discussion about the term in the residence time.

Lúcia Vicente - Actress

Márcio Carvalho - Visual artist

Roberto afonso - Musician

Tiago Margaça - Visual artist

Premiere of the TV Show “The Powers of Art”

03.07.2010 - 21:00

at HOTEL25 - Wrangelstr. 25, 10997 Berlin - U1 Görlitzer Bhf

The moment we have all been waiting for... the official premiere of the new television series ‘The Powers of Art’!

The Powers of art is a TV SHOW produced by Hotel25 in partnership with AlexTV.
In times where art is being reduced to its own elite, The powers of art come to bring transcendence to real live.

Moderators Madame Madoom and Alex X. Pert will be on-site for the premiere. They will be available to answer all your questions concerning the art and paranormal world.
First 50 guests will receive a limited edition ‘Powers of Art’ button, and a chance to win an official ‘Powers of Art’ t-shirt.

Everybody can see, everyone can understand and no one will regret.

HOTEL 25 supports:

Die Verwandlung
Exhibition curated by Carmen Van Cauwenbergh and Meggy Rustamova

Yingmei Duan will do a residence between 2nd June and the 18th June in Hotel25

After being invited by Hotel25, Yingmei Duan invited the artist and curator Márcio Carvalho to collaborate with her in the time period of the residence.

Yingmei Duan's performances, installations and videos deal with aspects from daily life such as memories, fears, longings and dreams.

Since 1993 she has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions, festivals and workshops, e.g. Braziers International Artists Workshop in England 2003, 1st Performance festival in Salzau 2005, etc. Likewise she has taken part of multiples exhibitions from the IPG (Independent Performance Group), curated by Marina Abramovic, e.g. PAC Milan 2003, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam 2005 and the Venice Biennale 2007.

For this particular residence in Hotel25, Yingmei Duan will work together with the artist Márcio Carvalho. It will be a work in progress to be shown, in the end of the residence time, as a result from both artists perspectives and forms of working.

Mike Edgerton is a composer from US involved with acoustical and perceptual research into voices and instruments. This research into voice is designed to explore the limits of sound production of the voice – often focusing on vocal multiphonics.

Currently, Mike Edgerton, is in the beginning stages of a voice science research project at the University of Vienna. This project will compare two exceptional modes of voice behaviour: singing in the whistle register vs. singing using a glottal whistle.

Mike Edgerton made a residence of 2 months in Hotel25, where he developed “BloodSugarBreath”. This performance will be based on several pieces from Kurt Schwitters and Emmett Williams and originals by himself.

“BloodSugarBreath” is a rare form of composing and performing. The notions of music composing are challenged by his work. It is a special way of experimental music that will involve body and finest voice skills. His work will be accompanied by several pieces of video made for this performance, by Márcio Carvalho.”
Márcio Carvalho

video preview: www.vimeo.com/11765014

E o Cabaret voltar?
Ricardo Brito will be in the first “E o Cabaret voltar?”, an event from Hotel25.

This event is based in poetic, aesthetic, cosmetic and eclectic performances made to be presented in a format of a cabaret. The future events of “E o Cabaret voltar?” will have, as master of ceremonies, characters from nowhere and from places that you will recognise immediately.

“E o Cabaret voltar?” Is a friendly question to the Cabaret Voltaire once based in Zurich.

video instalation by Ricardo Brito at Hotel25
Friday 14.05.2010

Ricardo Brito is a Portuguese artist based in Portugal working between Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon and Porto. The artist made 2 months residence in Hotel25 where he capture more then 24 hours of film having the objective of creating a new piece for his project called “Genoma”. After 6 months of post production Ricardo is presenting his work in a format of a Video Lecture. He will show his experience during the residence time, and the final videos that will compose the newest part of “Genoma”.

“There are five states of house: soul, body, home, city and nature / earth / space. An idea of an area bounded by a collective identity, which inhabits a cocoon, an extension of our soul, a place of support, an hotel, a number of a door, a door for the reflection and evasion. We have such relationship so deeply internalized that people live it like real again, here we can reach this state of suspension, meditation, the house of the soul. All the houses are treated the same way as the body is, washed, fed, a skin of protected memory. All the people gathered in a city have the same relationship that the ideas have in the soul, or the soul with the body and its organs, may the city regenerate, so it is again inhabited.

In Berlin we have the city’s death and the birth of a new city, Berlin is not Germany. In Berlin we started at Time Zero.”

Ricardo Brito

Between 18th and 21st of March, Hotel 25 is organizing an international Live art Festival.
More information:

Our WELT Not Your Brand!


Vernissage 16 January | 18pm

The exhibition articulates both sculptural and graphic dimensions, presenting the recent development of Bruno Jamaica’s work.

The work unite these two languages – Sculpture and Drawing – in a mode of spatial occupation that, behind a relatively conventional setting, playfully defies conventions. The main piece is a large scale sculpture, made of digital black and white prints and elastic bands – stretched in situ, across the whole space of the exhibition room – resulting in a progressive occupation of the space of the Hotel25 by the vision and the body of the artist. The drawings and an installation are metaphoric shapes thinking about another world is possible without global destructive brands. Our natural world is more important than your brands that make you the person that you are and by consequence make the world less Humane. This installation of Bruno Jamaica is the first work after his experience lived in the recent Klima forum`09 in Copenhagen.

7 Apparitions before 8
7Apparitions exacly 1minute before 20h
This project presents 7 visions constructed for a space.
Beggining on Thursday the 10th and finishing Wednesday on the 16th the new space of Hotel25 will receive the work of Marcio Carvalho with the participation of Christina Kyriazidi.
Presented in a format of 7 acts the artist propose a close look into the inside of his new works.


New space
Hotels 25 have the pleasure to invite you to visit us in our new space in Wranglerstrasse 25

This space is not a Gallery and doesn’t pretend to be one. It is a studio for work in progress where sometimes happens exhibitions, small events and talks as a necessity in the development of the artists work.

In the 25th of November it will be the open doors of this new space with the pubic rehearsal of the performance "One desperate woman" created by Christina Kyriazidi

"One desperate woman"
If you don't go out in the woods, nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin. Go out in the woods, go out. (The wolf’s eyelash, Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

"One desperate woman" is a physical performance that deals with the domestic violence against women.It is based on intercultural myths and songs of the Hispano American tradition and it is the story of a young woman who lives under a domestic dictatorship.

The public rehearsal of
"One desperate woman" on the 25th November 2009 (International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women), in collaboration with the art residency HOTEL 25, is an itinerant performance, in form of a ritual, based on a traditional ritual of marriage and on the popular legend of the Hispano American culture la llorona. The time of the performance evolves backwards and the action evokes the reality of a dream.

One more land be twin
From a cooperation with Theaterhaus Mitte, on the 18th september will happen the "One more Land Be twin", with two performances instalations and one open studio with the developed worked from Rita Manuel and Luis Simões during their residence at Hotel25.

Artists in residence for August:
Ricardo Brito, Rita Manuel and Luis Simões

The artistic collective Luis Simões and Rita Manuel is doing one month residence in Hotel25.

Their work have been developed in site specific, trying to establish relations with people of the contexts, in way to work their memories. Usually the work is developed in exterior and natural places, they investigate ancestral craft techniques, questioning the relation between human being and nature.

"Da mesma forma que os continentes se afastaram por movimentos tectónicos, os espaços verdes de Berlim estão prestes a procurarem-se. Eles estão afastados por cimentos e betões quadrados, mas conhecem-se, pressentem-se e desejam um encontro.Pelo céu, lançam sementes e segredos entre si, nesse espaço sem fronteiras."

Ricardo Brito is doing an one month residence at Hotel25.
He is a portuguese video artist and since 2004 he's been working on a project called genoma (genome). It's about the creation of 23 letters, each one is a video, which he calls chromosomes. At the moment the project has the letters: A (autopsy),B (human condition),C (Milky Way) and D (Disease). In Hotel 25 he will create the H, which theme will be "Object H - The Hour of the House".


Bruno Jamaica will do a residence of 3 months in Hotel 25
beggining in september
The artist Bruno Jamaica is an artist from Portugal. In this moment Bruno Marques is doing an artist residence in Florence Trust Residences http://www.florencetrust.org/ in London where he develops most of his projects.

"Like London Berlin is now crossing a melting pot stage but with a special characteristic. Is very fresh with young blood in the contemporary art scene. The exchange of ideas between young European artists is an exciting experience that can help to break boundaries"